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Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering how you became really good at art? Like did you take classes? Books? YouTube? I'm sure you practiced a lot but I was just wondering bc I want to get better at it myself and I'm not sure where to start (I'm not sure if that made sense ?????? idk sorry if it's a dumb question)


this isn’t a dumb question at all! My answer is going to be super long-winded and probably a little muddled though, I apologize.

I think a lot of my improvement came simply from observing other artists, actually. I pretty much view the world in that there’s nothing truly original anymore - it’s all just a varied version of something else. The same goes for art. You can create your own style by studying other artists and experimenting, mixing and matching, to find something you like and that’s really yours, but the basics are all the same. I know it’s been said before, but if you find an artist you really like, study them! Copy some of their work (but obv don’t publish it or claim the idea as your own eyy) until you get comfortable with it, then branch off and experiment more and more! We all have to start somewhere, and if it’s 1980s shoujo anime style, so be it. ((ex; I draw a lot of inspiration for noses from artists like Jin Kim and Glen Keane (who are godsends), but I took my eyes (just an iris + a big dot in the center for the pupil) from a friend of mine back in 8th grade, and my long legs and sharp angles come from studying Tessa Stone’s work.)) Don’t be afraid to use refs either! There are some artists who have been drawing long enough to draw complex poses without them, but if you’re trying something new and have no idea how the body would look in that position, use reference. Embrace the reference. And if someone tells you looking at refs is cheating, you have my permission to punch them in the face.

I’ve never taken any art courses so far that I found helped me improve (like yeah, I’ve taken drawing & painting courses, but those were traditional techniques on how to shade/work with realism which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to study). I am taking an ap 2D art class however, and it’s really nice because it’s just work time & critique from other students and teachers on whatever projects you want to complete. I’m planning on taking some actual figure classes in college, but thus far, I can’t suggest anything in that regard. My grasp on anatomy is still in its crudest form (how many topless/shorts wearing people do you see in my art oh that’s riGHT LIKE NONE), but I do have a really nice anatomical book my father bought for his exercises that show & label the human body’s muscles; it just goes to show you don’t necessarily have to find an actual ‘art book’ to learn and improve!!

If you’re looking for actual books though, I highly recommend The Animator’s Survival Guide by Richard Williams and Cartoon Animation by Blair Preston. I’ve also heard How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way by Stan Lee is a great book, focusing a lot of perspective and composition, though I’ve yet to read it. Alexds1 has some really great tutorials, and Phobs has a super nice face one as well. Here are two great perspective refs. Basically, if you look for any kind of tutorial, someone somewhere on this vast internet will have created one just for you.

SO YEAH tldr; practice a bunch, study your favorite artists, use refs (be they tutorials, poses, whatever), and never give up!! you’ll get there eventually.

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New Captcha system uses empathy to distinguish humans from bots
By Kimber Streams, theverge.com

An activist group called Civil Rights Defend­ers has devel­oped a new Captcha sys­tem to keep spam­bots out and inform users of glob­al civil rights issues. The new sys­tem presents a human rights ques­tion, like the one pic­tured above, and asks…




Here’s a fun game! Watch this gif and see how long it takes before you puke/die!


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